Casa & Nova began their musical career in electronic music in 2009. Nico even played music instruments before being a DJ, especially drums. Fabian instead started instantly with DJing. After merging with Marc Kiss the three guys founded a successful project, which is called Trashfunk Rockerz. With their debut single Word Up! (Mental Madness Records), Trashfunk Rockerz successfully covered a hit by the band Cameo.

In 2013 they released their debut singles ''Come On'' and ''Wake Up & Shake Up'' (Zentimental Records). Nico and Fabian started to establish themselves in the German and International Dance Scene with their pseudonym Casa & Nova.

Since 2014 they are signed by Balloon Records in Austria. Even before the release on Balloon Records the track ''RDY'' was the number one in the Talent Charts of Spinnin' Records, where it stayed on this throne for several weeks. After being released by Balloon Records, the single charged into the first week being the second highest newcomer in the German Dance Charts and even reached up in the Top of the Bigroom Charts.

In 2015 Casa & Nova also released their single ''Home'' which was calmer than their other tracks before. Home was played a lot on air by different German radio stations like BigFM.

In 2016 the two guys released an official cover of Phil Collins' ''Another Day In Paradise''. With a combination of Pop, Deep House elements and female vocals, Casa & Nova added their own touch to this track. Their cover was nominated by The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in the category EDM (Electronic Dance Music). After their professional collaboration with FL Studio, Casa & Nova created a making of ''Another Day In Paradise'' in the studios of Music Store in Cologne, Germany which was produced and released by Faze Magazin. In this time they also remixed ''Miracle'' and ''Breathe'' of Jenifer Brening (known by Deutschland sucht den Superstar).

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